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Air Freight

Air Freight

Air Freight is an essential component to any international logistics network. We can offer you choice and flexibility over the type of service available when sending freight by air.

Air Freight Quote – Compare rates with no obligations

Over the last years, we have established relationships with industry partners and we are firmly positioned to negotiate the best possible rates on your behalf. Special spot rates may also be available on request.

  • Freight forwarding quotations are easily accessible online via our website. There is no obligation to buy or register with us.
  • You can instantly compare the cost to send your freight by air with available airlines operating to your destination.
  • When possible we can also negotiate spot rates on your behalf, e.g. for particularly large shipments.
  • For consignments exceeding 100 kgs in weight, we also have monthly special rates which are available to certain destinations.

Airport-to-Airport Air Freight Services

Our air freight services operate from the airport to the airport. You can either drop the goods into one of our drop-off depots yourself or arrange for a separate company to drop them off for you.

  • When you drop the goods at the depot, you will need to ensure that all of the necessary shipping documentation is included.
  • Once the goods have been shipped to the destination airport, the consignee will need to clear the goods through customs.
  • In addition to these services, we provide an optional collection service whereby your goods are collected from an address of your choice and transported to the drop-off depot on your behalf.

Air Freight Services with Optional Collection

When you book your air freight service with us, we also offer an optional collection service so you can have your goods collected from your door. Air Freight services with collection operate from your door and are shipped to the destination airport where they will need to be received by your recipient.

We also offer international courier services on our partner website which operates door-to-door using leading freight forwarding providers.

  • Your goods will be collected by a courier from an address of your choice, shipped via road, sea, and air, and then delivered to the destination airport from the receiver may collect the shipment.
  • Please be advised should any customs issues arise, it will be the recipient’s responsibility to pay any clearance fees.