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TRACKING - As a Post Service Logistics customer, you can easily locate your shipments, providing you with peace of mind, especially when shipping internationally. Seaway uses tracking service providers to inform you in real-time. TRANSPORT MANAGEMENT - Frieghtz arranges the transportation of goods from point A to point B using cost-effective inland routes. Our partnerships with transport management systems guarantee efficiency across all operations. PREPARATION OF EXPORT DOCUMENTS Transportation requires various documents to ensure shipments adhere to the appropriate guidelines. We take care of the process by filling out and submitting the proper documents for your shipment. WAREHOUSING Seaway provides facilities for indoor and outdoor storage of your product. We handle the intake, inspection, and retrieval of your packages. BOOKING CARGO SPACE Frieghtz locates the appropriate cargo carriers for your freight. We allocate your products to ship via various carriers across the globe. FREIGHT CONSOLIDATION Freight forwarding can save you time and money through freight consolidation. The Frieghtz expert team finds the best way to combine your small shipment with others to attain better freight rates.

Maintain Clear Communication with Suppliers. Recognize Peak Season Traffic. Partner with The Right Logistics Team. Track The Shipments. Talk to The Customer.

The types of goods that cannot be shipped by air usually include aerosol sprays and cans and weapons, firearms, ammunition, and explosive devices. The list of items also includes gear boxes, generators, engines, life jackets, and fire extinguishers.

Most goods exported from Europe don’t require an export license; they’re permitted to be exported under the designation NLR—no license required. However, there are some select classes of merchandise that do require an export license.

Yes, you can drop off your inventory at one of our warehouses!

you can save money by shipping smaller and lightweight parcels by air and the heavy once shipped by sea.